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Kell West Sleep Center
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Sleep Like A Baby
Kell West Sleep Center

          5500 Kell West Blvd - Suite 400     Wichita Falls, TX

                    940-264-Rest (7378) - Nighttime Center

                      940-696-7585 - Daytime Scheduling             

Everyone has an occasional sleepless night.  However, if you have trouble sleeping on a regular basis, you may have a sleep disorder.  Lack of truly restful sleep can impair your ability to carry out daily responsibilities and adversely affect your physical and mental health.  The Sleep Diagnostic Center at KWRH offers a comprehensive evaluation of your sleep patterns and their impact on your health.  Testing is conducted in a private, calm and welcoming environment. 


Registered sleep technicians perform comprehensive sleep testing to evaluate sleep disorders.  Physicians determine the type of sleep problems you may be having and discern whether further testing is appropriate.


If needed or upon request, rooms can accommodate an additional bed for a caregiver, spouse or parent.


If you think you may have a sleep disorder or would like more information, please call Sleep Scheduling at (940) 696-7585.


Test yourself for a possible sleep disorder:


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